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Love to nurture urban gardening crops? Use RIOCOCO organic coir substrates! Professional

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If you are keen to boost the stead-fast growth of the urban gardening crops, then RIOCOCO coir substrate is second to none! The grow pellets and starter block of RIOCOCO are 100% organic coir substratesolutions which is naturally extracted from the “Miracle Tree”! Our coir substrates are effective and less messy alternatives to soil that increase the steady and fast crop growth. This natural substrate as it is made with scientifically blended, five-time washed and particle-free natural coco coir material that absorbs and distributes the nutrient and fertilizer solutions equally for steady stem growth! Most of the professional horticulturists use this to nurture the urban gardening crops. Would you also like to buy? Check out the details at our website. 

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